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News by Baird on date: 8 February 2016

* On February 4, In conjunction with TV3's 2005 carnival, Harian Metro is offering a chance for visitors to appear on its front page Akhbar Harian Metro continue

2000 * On July 17, Harian Metro was revamped with a new tag line 'Kini, Sini, Terkini' Www-harian-metro-com - click here

Harian Metro On Line : read article

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Akhbar Harian Metro
Harian Metro is the Malay best-selling newspaper. It sells around 450 thousands copies daily and, du...

Harian Metro is a Malaysian newspaper published in Malay language and is, by far, the number one new...

Harian Metro On Line
Harian Metro has been the first Malaysian daily afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley and other regions....