Surat Khabar Harian Metro
21 June 2018 - Harian Metro is the most famous newspaper in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. The newspaper has been owned by The New Straits Times Press Berhad for a long time... read

Akhbar Harian Metro
29 June 2018 - Harian Metro is the Malay best-selling newspaper. It sells around 450 thousands copies daily and, during the weekends, more than 480 thousands copies ... more

Harian Metro On Line
17 June 2018 - Harian Metro has been the first Malaysian daily afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley and other regions. Harian Metro was launched on 1991 (25th of March)... more

23 July 2018 - Harian Metro is a Malaysian newspaper published in Malay language and is, by far, the number one newspaper in Malasya. The official website Url of Har... continue

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