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Harian Metro has been the first Malaysian daily afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley and other regions. Harian Metro was launched on 1991 (25th of March). The format of Harian Metro is tabloid. Metro Ahad is a Sunday version launched on 19th August 19 1995. In occasion of the 20th Harian Metro's anniversary held in 2011, Mr. Datuk Mustapa Omar, the group editor of Harian Metro, said it was a way to show appreciation to the many loyal readers of the first newspaper in the country.

Also, in conjunction with the 20th Harian Metro's anniversary, a new "Terima Kasih" concert will been held on March 26th and 27th in Kuala Lumpur at Dataran Merdeka, featuring numerous local artistes. Kuala Lumpur City Hall will collaborate with Harian Metro to organize the event.

Harian Metro dates and facts:

1991 - on June 26th the Harian Metro format was "revamped".
1992 - was launched the new "Juara Metro Sepak Takraw Championship"
1994 - On May sixteen - Edisi Timur version of Harian Metro is launched.
2001 - March 26th is the 10th Anniversary of Harian Metro
2002 - March 26th is the 11th Anniversary of Harian Metro
2003 - January 11 - the northern version "Harian Metro Go Places" is launched
2004 - March 26th is the 13th Anniversary of Harian Metro
2004 - July 27th, new weekly column "Liku-liku Niaga" is launched every Tuesday in the Harian Metro's Business segment.
2005 - On February 4th , Harian Metro, in conjunction with TV3's carnival offers visitors a chance to appear on its front page and teenagers to become the "Gadis Metro".
2006 - July 15, a new look for the Harian Metro newspaper with more colourful, reader-friendly and stylish layout
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