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Surat Khabar Harian Metro

Harian Metro is the most famous newspaper in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. The newspaper has been owned by The New Straits Times Press Berhad for a long time. When Harian Metro began in 1991, they were just a Klang Valley paper. But since 2003 they had more than 5 regional editions (South, North, Malacca, Central, East and on Seremban). The daily readership is about 3 million readers. This is why it's considered, by far, the most important newspaper in Malasya. The official website is at www.hmetro.com.my and is all written in Malaysian language.
Harian Metro started selling more than 10 thousands copies a day in just its first year of operation. Based on Datuk Anthony Bujang chief executive the initial target was for 50,000 copies per day. But, in 2003 it sold more than 200 thousands copies daily.

Harian Metro facts:
1991 - March 25th - Harian Metro, the country's initial afternoon Bahasa newspaper was launched. The price was 50 sen.
1992 - New Editor: Ahmad Puah Onah
1994 - April 1st - Zian Johari was appointed Editor.
1995 - 29th August - the new "Metro Ahad" is launched.
2000 - July 17th - a new tag line 'Kini, Sini, Terkini' revamped the Harian Metro
2002 - January - Zain Johari , the new Harian Metro Editor, created a new page for novel series in the Harian Metro and has been published in Harian Metro for 51 weeks.
2002 - August 27th - "Tabung Biasiswa Sedaya-Harian Metro", Kolej Antarabangsa Sedaya (SIC) and Harian Metro launched RM1.25 million of scholarship to bumiputera college students
2004 - June 1st - Zian Johari is appointed Executive Editor of Berita Minggu.
2004 - On October 9th, Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (title "Datuk") was bestowed to the Ahad executive editor Hafifi Hafidz.
2005 - On January 1st was increased the price of the Harian Metro to RM1.twenty.
2006 - On June 6th, Malay tabloid and the Metro Ahad launched the new interactive portal called "i-Metro".
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