Harian Metro is a Malaysian newspaper published in Malay language and is, by far, the number one newspaper in Malasya. The official website Url of Harian Metro is: www.hmetro.com.my. During several years the Harian Metro newspaper went from 1 single version to a 5-version national newspaper.

Harian Metro readers grew very rapidly. If went from about 100 thousand readers in 199 up to (in 2009) four million for Metro Ahad and two million for Harian Metro. Harian Metro was capable to reach people in the central area as effectively as the other States everyday. Others important Malay newspapers are the Utusan Malaysia, the Berita Harian and Kosmo.

1991 - April 21st - Mior Kamarulbaid Mior Shahid
became the initial Information Editor.
1992 - in Johor Bahru is launched the southern version of Harian Metro.
1994 - On August the 1st - Edisi Utara version of Harian Metro is launched.
2002 - February 9th - launched in Kelantan the new "Kejohanan Bowling Terbuka Harian Metro"
2003 - March 26th is the 12th Anniversary of Harian Metro
2004 - January 8th, "Personaliti dan Undian Gadis Metro 2004" is the new contest of Harian Metro at Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley and Cititel.
2004 - August 18th, the new "Harian Metro Goes Salsa" contest is launched in Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru at the Telawi Road Bistro.
2005 - On February 23th, the new
contest "Personaliti Celcom Metro (PCM) 2005/2006" is launched in collaboration with Celcom
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